Medallion-style Pendant ( Imperial Topaz )

Medallion-style Pendant ( Imperial Topaz )

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This medallion-style pendant features a glamorous Zambian gem topaz crystal at the center of an intricately-crafted sterling silver body with beveled edges and a hand-engraved diamond pattern. Boasting a radiant golden hue, the internal fractures of the topaz crystal create a prismatic optical effect. 


Metal - .925 Silver

Species - Topaz var. Imperial        (Al2SiO4(F,OH)2)

Locality - Karengerenge village, Kalumbila District, North-Western Province, Zambia

Total weight - 8.5 grams ,   5 carat 

Dimensions -         crystal -  12mm x 7.5mm x 5mm
                            1.4" (35mm) total length , 1" (26mm) w/out bail
                 x       .75" (19mm) width         x          .2" (5mm) depth

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